Disaster Information Respond & Recover Tool

Project Recruitment Report

This is a list of available disaster recovery projects.

The cost for these projects have already been funded by generous donations.

Volunteers to complete the work is all that is needed,
but any and all donations are appreciated for other unfunded projects.

Thank you for your consideration in volunteering on one of these projects.

To help a disaster survivor recover please register online www.dirrt-ok.org.

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Disaster Name ID Location Priority (0=Immediate 1=High 4=Low) Work Description Number of volunteers neededsort descending Number of Days for volunteers to complete job Date project added to list
2021 Winter 13512 - Kjon Shawnee 0 Work Order - Tree/Chainsaw 05/04/2021
2021 Winter 13502 - Dhal Blair 0 Work Order - Tarping 05/04/2021
2021 Winter 13506 - Jpar Ponca City 0 Work Order - Tree/Chainsaw 05/04/2021
2021 Winter 13509 - Tnic Minco 0 Work Order - Tree/Chainsaw 05/04/2021
2021 Winter 13487 - Ctug Spencer 0 Work Order - Tarping & Tree/Chainsaw 05/04/2021
2021 Winter 13515 - Mrob Edmond 0 Work Order - Tree/Chainsaw 05/04/2021
2021 Winter 13572 - Cdav Oklahoma City 0 Work Order - Tarping & Tree/Chainsaw 05/04/2021
2021 Winter 13560 - Jhar Oklahoma City 0 Work Order - Tree/Chainsaw 05/04/2021
2021 Winter 13562 - Dand Oklahoma City 0 Work Order - Tree/Chainsaw 05/04/2021
2019 Spring 205302 - Reas Tulsa 2 Remove Solar Panel and Old Metal siding from Roof Chase and Replace with Wood Panel and Install New Vinyl Siding. 11/03/2020
2021 Winter 13564 - Rdye Newalla 0 Work Order - Tree/Chainsaw 05/04/2021
2021 Winter 13602Mluc Oklahoma City 0 Work Order - Tree/Chainsaw 05/04/2021
2021 Winter 13630 - Rtig Guthrie 0 Work Order - Tarp 05/18/2021
2021 Winter 13626 - Tdye Wakita 0 Work Order - Tarp 05/18/2021
2019 Spring 201690 - Clin Sperry 4 Fix stress cracks in walls and ceiling and paint. Caulk windows. Remove flooring and subfloor to gain access to crawlspace and spray any mold. Install new 2x6x16 to support failing floor joists. Install new subfloor and laminate flooring. 05/18/2021
2021 Winter 13640 - Mbos Oklahoma City 0 Work Order - Tarp 05/20/2021
2019 Spring 210278 - Ccla Welch 2 2 - Pier and Beams need to be installed approximately 16' in length, using 4"x8"x16" cap blocks for piers and joining 2 sets of 2"x6"x10' Pressure Treated Boards for Beams. Each Pier & Beam set will have 3 Piers approximately 8' apart with 2 - 10' beams going across the 3 Pier block sets. 05/31/2021
2021 Winter 13759 - Ljac Del City 0 Work Order - Tree/Chainsaw 06/15/2021
2019 Spring 191009 - Esmi Moffett 3 Muck-out ceiling. After electrical and plumbing have been completed by contractors the sub floor will need to be replaced and any floor joists fixed. After the sub floor is replaced, the walls can be insulated and drywall can be hung on the walls and ceilings and then taped, bedded and textured and painted. Upon the completion of the walls and ceiling, new flooring can be installed throughout the home and new tile floors installed in the bathrooms. New interior doors and exterior doors will need to be replaced along with base cabinets, vanities and base and door trim. 10 25 01/09/2020
2019 Spring 194792 - Adba Moffett 1 House has been completely mucked-out. Need to install new floor joists, subfloor, finished flooring, plumbing, electrical, insulation, drywall, cabinets and fixtures 10 40 01/09/2020
2019 Spring 199280 - Tmcn Muskogee 4 There are a few areas in the home that need drywall installed. The home is in need of taping, bedding and texturing throughout the whole home. Once drywall work is completed, the walls and ceilings will need to be primed with PVA and painted. While the walls are being painted, doors and trim can be painted before they are installed. Laminate flooring to be installed in the whole house other than the bathroom floors which will get ceramic tile. The bathroom floors will need to have hardie backer installed prior to laying the tile. Once flooring is complete light fixtures and plumbing fixtures can be installed. Kitchen Cabinets and counter-tops will be installed by a contractor. 10 21 10/26/2020
2019 Spring 210659 - Kjoh Sapulpa 4 Remove and replace roof and damaged decking. Remove paneling on west wall of SW bedroom and replace drywall behind paneling, remove paneling and drywall on ceiling of the master bedroom and replace drywall. Install drywall on bedroom ceiling. Remove paneling in back room of the home and install drywall. Once drywall is hung, taped, bedded and textured it will need to be painted. Repair siding and handrails in damaged areas. Replace damaged subfloor in bathroom and replace flooring. Remove and replace back door and paint. Door will have to be cut down and morticed for hinges and knob. 10 5 11/02/2020
2019 Spring 211446 - Bpar Sapulpa 1 Remove and replace the roof and replace any damaged decking as needed. Damage to the interior ceilings need to be removed and new drywall hung on to furring strips. Then tape, bed, texture and paint. 10 9 12/24/2020
2019 Spring 214891 - Dcpr Dover 1 Remove and replace the roof and any damaged decking. Remove and replace water damaged drywall then tape, bed, texture and paint. 10 5 05/24/2021
2019 Spring 201669 - Jmos Chelsea 4 Repair bathroom and bedroom ceiling drywall then mud, tape, and paint. 2 2 04/22/2021
2019 Spring 205292 - Cada Chelsea 3 Check all areas where drywall replaced, spray Shockwave in areas where needed. 2 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms ceilings have to be repaired. In Middle Bedroom, Casing around window will have to be replaced and 1 of the bathrooms will need a partial wall replaced. Tape, mud, and paint all areas where Drywall has been installed. 3 2 04/24/2021
2019 Spring 197061 - Swil Tulsa 3 Install 18 - 12 ft pieces of k-pattern stain grade trim for base and casing around doors. Apply one gallon of stain and poly and one gallon of white paint on the trim in the closets. Stain the new trim and touch up existing trim. Tools needed are finish nailer and a miter saw. Homeowner has SBA funding for materials. 3 2 01/06/2020
2019 Spring 201393 - Cfre Webbers Falls 4 Install flooring in entryway. 3 2 05/13/2020
2019 Spring 205180 - Bsis Ponca City 1 Apply roof sealant along the NE corner of the home over the bathroom. Removed and replace drywall in the bathroom. Then tape, mud, texture, and paint. 3 3 10/08/2020
2019 Spring 210260 - Fvau Coweta 3 Carpet needs to be removed and examined and replace any weak or damaged joist and any subfloor. There is a 4' x4' section in kitchen that is weak where joists and subfloor needs repaired. After carpet is removed need to spray shock wave and let dry. New Laminate flooring to be installed in Living Room and New Vinyl plank flooring for Kitchen. In Living Room might need to install 1 or 2 pier and beams so need evaluated once floor is removed. 3 3 01/18/2021
2019 Spring 205319 - Fmcc Tulsa 3 In front bathroom cut out ceiling and 2 ft down from walls and replace drywall, mud, tape, texture, paint. Spray shock after ceiling drywall is removed from Front Bathroom. Hallway outside bathroom, Living Room, and Kitchen ceiling all have cosmetic drywall issues that need screws, tape mud, texture, paint. 4 3 01/18/2021
2019 Spring 214853 - Plan Sapulpa 1 Rubber seal some seams that are obvious and entire roof to be coated with Elastomer Coating. Rebuild front porch roof then reboard deck and install new steps. 4 4 06/07/2021
2019 Spring 211093 - Pwid Coweta 4 Tear out tile shower and install one piece 32-in x 32-in shower in its place. Install 7 Interior hollow core doors. 4 3 02/26/2021
2019 Spring 211599 - Marb Chelsea 2 Tear off of old paneling on east wall, some drywall on ceiling to tear off, spray Shockwave if any mold is detected. Drywall ceiling, walls, mud, tape, texture, paint. Install vinyl plank flooring in basement area, 450 SQ. FT. Install bathroom vanity, toilet, and a entry door to bathroom and Bedroom. 5 4 04/26/2021
2019 Spring 191011 - Jmic Moffett 4 Interior drywall to be installed then tape, mud and paint. 5 3 07/10/2020
2019 Spring 204530 - Lmor Chelsea 4 Remove old flooring in back room and replace sub floor. Remove paneling, replace sheathing behind and reinstall paneling. Lay new laminate floor. 5 5 07/10/2020
2019 Spring 201420 - Kfun Avant 4 Remove and replace any skirting needed to gain access under home. Spray shock wave on floor joists were mold is. Raise up and support failing joists replace where necessary. Remove and install six pieces of drywall mud tape and paint. 5 7 11/06/2020
2019 Spring 201357 - VCla Webbers Falls 4 In the add on tear up all the mdf subfloor and laminate flooring. Once the subfloor and laminate have been removed spray shockwave and let it air out with fans over night before installing new subfloor and laminate flooring. 5 3 12/24/2020
2019 Spring 201254 - Lbro Tulsa 2 Remove and replace damaged drywall and insulation in the kitchen/dining room and master bedroom. Then tape, mud and texture to match the existing texture and then paint. 5 4 05/18/2021
2019 Spring 204309 - Eatk Avant 1 Remove sub floor in hallway to gain access to failing supports. Lift home back to level and install new supports. Replace one sheet of drywall in front room, mud, tape texture, and paint 5 7 05/24/2021
2019 Spring 210325 - Csul South Coffeyville 4 Once Ceiling and Bad Wall areas are removed, check and spray Shock Wave. Tear out ceiling in all 3 south bedrooms and bathroom and remove and replace sheetrock on south wall in center bedroom and remove and replace sheetrock wall behind toilet and adjacent to other bedroom. 5 7 05/31/2021
2019 Spring 211512 - Rjer Sapulpa 4 Fill cracks and seal walls of the basement with hydraulic cement and drylok. Install an expandable weather stripping around edge of basement egress door to prevent water intrusion. 5 4 02/23/2021
2019 Spring 211622 - Awag Tulsa 2 Cut out bottom 1-ft of Drywall around the entire room, or where mold is present, spray with Shockwave in those areas. Remove the bottom 1-ft of drywall in the Master bedroom, replace drywall and paint all 4 walls. Remove and Replace bottom 2-ft of exterior siding on the West side and north side of that room. 5 3 03/23/2021
2019 Spring 201656 - Phow Tulsa 2 Two areas of the home need drywall removed and replaced (laundry room and SW bedroom). In these areas, the drywall will need to be cut up 4 ft from the floor and then Shockwave will need to be applied to the studs and allowed to dry before new drywall is hung, taped bedded and textured. In the rest of the home the drywall needs sanded, skim coated and textured. In the SW room the subfloor needs to be replaced. Once all subfloor is prepped and drywall work completed and walls are painted, laminate flooring can be installed in all rooms of the house. Then new base boards can be installed in all rooms. Paint base boards before installing. Dumpster will be needed for items in the SW room that are ruined by the flood. 6 5 01/18/2021
2019 Spring 211568 - Csum Collinsville 1 Remove and replace roof. 7 4 04/29/2021
2019 Spring 204663 - Dhol Sperry 3 Drywall needs to be replace from the floor up about 3-4 feet through most of the home plus tape, bed, texture, and paint. Lay 1/4 plywood and new laminate flooring through most of the home. Then install and paint trim. 7 5 12/10/2020
2019 Spring 210892 - Jnib Tulsa 1 Remove and replace roof. Remove and replace all ceiling drywall. Replace 3 broken windows. Remove and replace front porch ceiling and flooring. 7 7 12/10/2020
2019 Spring 201739 - Mste Webbers Falls 2 Install insulation and drywall, then mud, tape, texture all walls & ceilings & paint. Trim-Out all Windows. Install laminate flooring. Install tub, toilet, vanity in bathroom. Install cabinets & countertops in kitchen. Hang & trim-out all Interior Doors. Install base boards. Install OSB in Laundry Room. Remove and replace exterior siding on West & North side of home with foam board Insulation & Smart-siding. 7 14 05/18/2021
2019 Spring 211551 - Bgre Sapulpa 1 Roof needs to be replaced. Several water spots in ceiling due to roof damage need repaired. 3 Windows broken (Kitchen, SE bedroom, upstairs bedroom) need replaced. Chimney was torn off roof and needs rebuilt. Minor siding and gutter repair. 7 5 01/21/2021
2019 Spring 205823 - Bhub Haskell 1 Remove and replace roof and roof decking as needed. Remove and replace subfloor and flooring in Living Room, both South Bedrooms, South Bathroom and kitchen area. Repair floor joists as needed. Homeowner has already replaced subfloor in utility and master bedroom. Shockwave mold inhibitor may need to be applied. 7 7 02/23/2021
2019 Spring 210905 - Gtay Coweta 3 Kitchen area needs patched with drywall, subfloor repaired, and vinyl plank floor installed. Wash room needs subfloor repaired and install vinyl flooring. North Bedroom needs subfloor repaired. South Bedroom needs subfloor tear-out replaced and Laminate flooring installed plus install, closet door. 7 4 06/14/2021
2019 Spring 201696 - Spin Boynton 1 Tear off old roof, replace any bad decking, apply new decking, trim edge, felt paper and shingle roof. Repair NW Bedroom ceiling. Replace bad drywall, mud, tape, paint. Replace warped countertop in skin area. 7 4 04/20/2021
2019 Spring 205117Cmor Skiatook 4 All drywall up to the ceilings will need to be replaced along with all insulation on exterior walls. After the drywall is hung it will need to be taped, bedded and textured and then painted. after the walls are completed laminate flooring will need to installed throughout the whole home except the bathrooms. Within the bathrooms, hardie backer will need to be laid down and ceramic tile installed. Upon completion of the floors 7 pre-hung interior doors will need to be installed along with casing, and base throughout the home. Trim and doors to be painted prior to install. 8 20 10/26/2020
2019 Spring 205350 - Sulr Tulsa 4 Remove all drywall in basement and assess where moister is entering. Fill cracks in cement walls with hydraulic cement. Install new drywall in basement, mud, tape and paint. Install new tile in shower and grout. Install new bathroom door. Install drop ceiling. Finish framing small section of wall in main living area. 8 14 11/30/2020
2019 Spring 211257 - Hbar Sapulpa 1 Remove and replace roof over laundry room. Fix any broken rafters and replace broken decking. Remove ceiling in laundry room and install new dry wall, mud, tape and paint. Replace missing siding. 8 7 01/18/2021
2019 Spring 198201 - Ymcc Webbers Falls 1 Remove and replace subfloor in living room and kitchen and any floor joists that are damaged. Shim and strengthen piers that look loose. Install laminate flooring in all rooms throughout the home. Install base trim. Replace one exterior door. Remove and replace areas of the lap siding that are damaged. Remove and replace roof and sections of decking damaged. 8 10 02/23/2021
2019 Spring 211017 - Darm El Reno 4 Install new siding around the home. Siding on the southside of the home has been replaced but it needs to be caulked and painted. Minor drywall work 1-2 sheets) needs to be installed, taped, bedded and textured. 8 4 03/03/2021
2019 Spring 211584 - Awil Sapulpa 1 Remove and replace roof along with any decking and rafters that are damaged. Front porch had a tree fall on it and will need repaired prior to roofing. 8 5 03/22/2021