Disaster Information Respond & Recover Tool

Thank you for your consideration in volunteering on one of these projects to help a disaster survivor recover. Please register online to help a disaster survivor recover www.dirrt-ok.org.

ID Location Work Description Number of volunteers needed Number of Days for volunteers to complete job Material Funding Priority (1=Urgent)sort descending Date project added to list
13502 - Dhal Blair Work Order - Tarping 0 05/04/2021
13506 - Jpar Ponca City Work Order - Tree/Chainsaw 0 05/04/2021
13509 - Tnic Minco Work Order - Tree/Chainsaw 0 05/04/2021
13630 - Rtig Guthrie Work Order - Tarp 0 05/18/2021
13626 - Tdye Wakita Work Order - Tarp 0 05/18/2021
13640 - Mbos Oklahoma City Work Order - Tarp 0 05/20/2021
13898 - Kkir Chickasha Work Order - Tree/Chainsaw 0 07/28/2021
13487 - Ctug Spencer Work Order - Tarp 0 08/12/2021
211599 - Marb Chelsea Tear off of old paneling on east wall, some drywall on ceiling to tear off, spray Shockwave if any mold is detected. Remove and replace drywall on ceiling, walls, mud, tape, texture, paint. Install vinyl plank flooring in basement area. Install bathroom vanity, toilet, and a entry door to bathroom and bedroom. 5 4 $2813.31 2 09/30/2021
210905 - Gtay Coweta Kitchen area needs patched with drywall, subfloor repaired, and vinyl plank floor installed. Wash room needs subfloor repaired and install vinyl flooring. North Bedroom needs subfloor repaired. South Bedroom needs subfloor tear-out replaced and Laminate flooring installed plus install, closet door. 7 4 $2260.59 3 06/14/2021
201041 - Jkah Webbers Falls Two bathroom need to be finished out, one needing just flooring and trim installed and the other needing sheetrock, insulation, flooring, vanity, toilet, trim and new door. One bedroom needs new flooring installed. 3 07/15/2021
211083 - Jfou Broken Arrow Replace 4 Windows, 3 in Dining Room, 1 at end of Kitchen. Need Drywall removed, spray shockwave where needed and replaced in Kitchen, Dining and Den areas. Tear Out soft spots in floor in Dining Room, Kitchen, and Den. Replace Subfloor and Joist that are needed and install Vinyl Plank Flooring in Dining Room, Kitchen, and Den. $3474.84 4 08/06/2021