Disaster Information Respond & Recover Tool

Project Recruitment Report

This is a list of available disaster recovery projects.

The cost for these projects have already been funded by generous donations.

Volunteers to complete the work is all that is needed,
but any and all donations are appreciated for other unfunded projects.

Thank you for your consideration in volunteering on one of these projects.
To help a disaster survivor recover please register online www.dirrt-ok.org.

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ID Location Priority (1=Urgent)sort descending Work Description Number of volunteers needed Number of Days for volunteers to complete job Date project added to list
193881 - Dhaa Avant Frame, insulate and reinstall skirting. Replace subfloor in kitchen, two bedrooms and closet. Replace flooring in kitchen, two bedrooms and closet. Contractor to level trailer 01/17/2020
193728 - Wbea Sapulpa 1 Roof patch. Seal down loose shingles. Garage being used as living quarters for family member needs insulation and drywall repair area where drywall has collapsed. Tape, bed and textured to match existing popcorn ceiling. Garage door replacement will be done by contractor. 5 2 11/07/2019
191054 - Clam Grove 1 Muck-out needs to be completed (drywall, flooring, cabinets). Install insulation, drywall, tape, mud, and texture. Install subfloor, vanities, cabinets, and counter top. Paint, install flooring, doors, and trim. 01/09/2020
193485 - Tham Cleveland 3 Licensed electrician needs to inspect and replace any faulty wiring, licensed plumber needs to replace plumbing that has been removed and fix the new plumbing that has been done improperly. Furnace ductwork installed throughout house, house raised so that footings and pilings can be installed, install insulation under the floor, install missing floor joists at 16” on center through majority of house, install subfloor through entire house, install insulation in walls, hang drywall on walls (the muck out removed it up to 4’ but additional drywall has been removed up to the ceiling in places), install trim around windows, doors, and floor; install kitchen cabinets, and paint the drywall and trim. Homeowner has purchased all materials needed for repair. 6 15 12/02/2019
197061 - Swil Tulsa 3 Install 18 - 12 ft pieces of k-pattern stain grade trim for base and casing around doors. Apply one gallon of stain and poly and one gallon of white paint on the trim in the closets. Stain the new trim and touch up existing trim. Tools needed are finish nailer and a miter saw. Homeowner has SBA funding for materials. 3 2 01/06/2020
191129 - Roha Sand Springs 3 Install vinyl or laminate flooring, trim carpentry, install plumbing fixtures, cabinets and install outlets, switches and electrical fixtures. An experienced mason is needed to rebuild the brick in front of the fireplace. 2 2 01/06/2020
191050 - Rlin Moffett 3 Brace and support floor joist. Repair sub floor where needed. Install wall insulation into exterior walls. Hang drywall on interior walls. Repair skirt siding around house. Install 1x6 trim boards around windows and door front of house. Mud, tape, finish, and paint drywall. Install base molding. 01/09/2020
191050 - Esmi Moffett 3 Install insulation in exterior walls. Hang drywall on interior walls. Install plywood on floor joist for sub floor. Mud, tape, finish, and paint drywall. Install floor trim 01/09/2020
195369 - Rrai Barnsdall 3 Install 1x2 metal drip edge around outside edges of roof. Lay a bead of sealant under shingle side of the drip edge. Remove damage paneling between stove and front door. replace insulation water damaged, Hang drywall where needed. Has a small ceiling repair in bathroom, use drywall mud to texture as near as able. Spray Shockwave on any areas showing mold. Adjust front and back doors. 5 5 01/17/2020
190733 - Cgle Sand Springs 4 Mud, tape and texture then paint interior walls. 01/09/2020
194792 - Adba Moffett 4 Install ceiling and exterior insulation. Hang dry wall on interior walls and ceilings, Install sub floor where needed. Mud, tape, finish, and paint drywall. Install Laminate floor. Install 2 entry doors. 01/09/2020
190758 - Tjoh Sand Springs 4 Completion of interior stair trim. 01/17/2020