Disaster Information Respond & Recover Tool

Project Recruitment Report

This is a list of available disaster recovery projects.

The cost for these projects have already been funded by generous donations.

Volunteers to complete the work is all that is needed,
but any and all donations are appreciated for other unfunded projects.

Thank you for your consideration in volunteering on one of these projects.

To help a disaster survivor recover please register online www.dirrt-ok.org.

For questions please contact volunteer@disasterROAD.org.

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Disaster Name IDsort descending Location Priority (0=Immediate 1=High 4=Low) Work Description Number of volunteers needed Number of Days for volunteers to complete job Date project added to list
2022 Spring 1015 - Lco Ft Gibson 1 Apply elastomer White Seal to the mobile home Roof. Apply Flashing tape around windows, doors and seams. 5 2 03/31/2023
2022 Spring 1016 - Sth Okmulgee 2 Spray Shockwave in all areas after tear-off if any moisture or mold is detected. Remove and replace roof on north end of home. Repair drywall on the Back Porch/ Laundry/ Bedroom areas. Repair and replace north end of the flooring. 5 3 05/24/2023
2022 Spring 1017 - Jbu Seminole 1 Remove and replace the roof and any damaged decking or rafters. Remove and replace damaged sheetrock in the hallway, bathroom and kitchen. Tape, bed and texture and paint. Also will need to adjust the french door in the kitchen. 10 5 05/04/2023
2022 Spring 1018 - Tsti Seminole 4 Removed and replace damaged ceiling then tape, mud and painted. Replace storm door. 3 2 03/30/2023
2022 Spring 1025 - Fbu Haskell 1 Spray Shockwave in all moisture areas where needed and mold is present. Repair Metal Roof and holes and seams. Coat entire roof with Elastomer Coating. Repair South Bedroom Closet Drywall then texture & paint. Laundry Room Area, will need to be replaced or Primed with Kilz then texture and paint. Remove and Replace flooring underneath Hot Water Tank & Washer and Dryer Area. Install finish flooring on top of Replacement of Subfloor. 4 5 03/22/2023
2022 Spring 1026 - Cca Muskogee 2 Apply Roof Cement and Elastomer around pipe jacks on Westside of home above Backdoor area. 1 1 04/20/2023
2022 Spring 1027 - Who Muskogee 3 Spray Shockwave anywhere Mold or Moisture is detected. Needs complete Tear-off and New shingles. Living Room leak repair and Paint. Repair Soffit & Facia on East and West Side of home. Repair Floor in Main Bathroom and Small Bathroom needs new Vanity with sink. 7 7 05/23/2023
2022 Spring 1029 - Chi Muskogee 3 In tearing out any and all areas in floor and ceiling if any moisture is detected or mold, spray Shockwave. Front Bedroom Ceiling Drywall Repair, mud, tape, and Paint, Bathroom - Ceiling Drywall repaired mud, tape and Paint. Living Room, has water spot, Kilz and paint Living Room. Kitchen Floor, tear-out all flooring, replace of scab floor Joist that are needed, lay subfloor, and Vinyl Plank Flooring. Underneath the home at Front Bedroom, Needs Pier & Beam and replace or add Joist if needed. 7 7 03/22/2023
2022 Spring 1031 - Pfi Muskogee 3 Install Metal Roof Ridge Cap that is on Site. Paint, Trim, Texture entire home, finish out HVAC Closet, Finish Living Room, insulate ceiling in Living Room. Install Laminate Flooring in all rooms except Bathroom & Kitchen. Install transitions for Laminate Flooring. Install Pier & Beams for Westside of home. Install Metal Siding to finish Westside of home and Northside of home. Install Light Fixture for Each Bedroom, 4 - Recessed Lights for Livingroom. Doors, Knobs for all Interior Rooms, Shelving for Bathroom Nook, and Ceiling Fan with Light Fixture in Livingroom. 7 7 03/22/2023
2022 Spring 1039 - Ral Muskogee 3 Install drywall in Laundry area. Build out walls in Laundry area so that 5-ft closet doors can be installed. Bedroom #1 install 1x6x10 Pine Boards on wall, replacing boards that were ruined. Install bottom row of Subway Tile in Kitchen that were damaged. Repair 2 Window seals and trim in Dining Room and Living Room. Install 1 Bedroom Door and 6 Closet Doors With Hardware and Knobs. Repair Back Door Frame and Bottom of Door Sweep. 4 3 03/15/2023
2022 Spring 1040 - Kbr Muskogee 4 If any moisture or mold is detected, spray Shockwave in those areas. Replace vaper barrier, Pad, and carpet. Kitchen check Subfloor and replace if necessary between Kitchen Cabinets and Kitchen table, check subfloor where refrigerator is located, replace if necessary. Replace Vinyl Flooring for Kitchen. Spread gravel over driveway. 4 1 05/04/2023
2022 Spring 1043 - Hmi Muskogee 0 WO - Tarp 04/17/2023
2022 Spring 1060 - Dde Muskogee 4 Bedroom Floor needs a piece of Subfloor removed and replaced. Hallways and Bedroom is what is needed for Laminate Flooring and also the step coming in from Back Patio to Dining Room. 4 2 05/23/2023
2022 Spring 1066 - Spa Muskogee 0 WO - Muck-out 05/30/2023
2022 Spring 1070 - Msi Oktaha 0 WO - Muck Out 04/27/2023
2022 Spring 1071 - Lri Muskogee 0 WO - Muck-out 05/15/2023
2022 Spring 1092 - Fva Muskogee 0 WO - Tarp 04/27/2023
2022 Spring 1100 - Jpa Haskell 4 Repair Existing Deck Ramp, Replace little ramp going into front door. Replace Living Room Floor with new Laminate Flooring. 4 1 05/23/2023
2022 Spring 1106 - Ped Seminole 1 Remove damaged sheetrock in the closet of the SE bedroom. Shockwave will need to be applied to the surfaces and allowed to dry before new sheetrock is installed. The roof of the home will need to be removed and replaced and decked and shingled. The current roof of the home is asphalt shingles over cedar shake shingles. The roof will need to be redecked with 7/16 OSB. Drywall will need to be replaced in the closet along with taped, bedded textured and painted. Remove the current surface of the front porch and replace with deck boards. Reattach aluminum fascia and vinyl soffit. 05/04/2023
2022 Spring 1108 - Wmy Seminole 4 Remove and replace damaged sheetrock on the master bedroom ceiling, texture and paint to match. Replace two broken windows on the southside of the home. Funded for contractor work on chimney and to relevel the home. The homeowner needs 160 linear feet of chain link fence. Remove any remaining skirting and install metal skirting with J-trim at the top and fasten the bottom of the metal to a treated 2x4 that is fastened to the ground with rebar stakes. Replace broken patio door on the southside of the home. 3 3 05/04/2023
2022 Spring 1119 - Rbi Wewoka 3 Remove and replaced shingles, drip edge, vents and plumbing boots along with any damaged decking. Remove and replace damaged areas of sheetrock on the ceilings in the dining room, master bedroom and south bedroom. These areas will need to be taped, bedded, texture to match and then painted. Install laminate flooring and trim in the south bedroom. Once the flooring is laid, new baseboards will need to be painted and installed and then caulked. 10 5 05/23/2023
2022 Spring 1156 - Kbu Okmulgee 4 Spray Shockwave anywhere mold or moisture is detected. Case Window in Front Bedroom and Finish out Drywall under window. Install Front Door Weather Stripping 2 1 05/03/2023
2022 Spring 1157 - Jbr Okmulgee 0 WO - Tarp 03/21/2023
2022 Spring 1158 - Abe Muskogee 0 WO - Tarp 03/21/2023
2022 Spring 1159 - The Okmulgee 0 WO - Muck Out 03/21/2023
2022 Spring 1166 - Nke Shawnee 4 Remove and replace sheetrock in the hallway ceiling and tape, bed and texture and paint. Replace damaged subfloor in laundry room and install new vinyl plank flooring. Remove and replace skirting. 6 5 05/23/2023
2022 Spring 1169 - Cma Okmulgee 0 WO - Tarp 03/30/2023
2022 Spring 1172 - Dev Seminole 3 Remove two layers of shingles and cedar shake shingles. Install 7/16 osb and then install synthetic felt and new shingles. 8 5 05/23/2023
2022 Spring 1185 - Ssa Seminole 3 2-3 layers of roof will need to be removed and replaced. If the home has cedar shake shingles as the bottom layer the whole home will need to decked with 7/16 decking. The back low slope part of the home will need to have rolled roofing installed. All valleys will need ice water barrier installed. 10 5 05/23/2023
2022 Spring 1188 - Abi Stilwell 0 WO - Tarp 05/17/2023
2022 Spring 1192 - Tca Seminole 0 WO - Tarp 05/15/2023
2022 Spring 1197 - Mda Muskogee 0 WO - Muckout 04/17/2023
2022 Spring 1214 - Rro Seminole 0 WO - Tarp 05/23/2023
2022 Spring 1217 - Dla Seminole 0 WO - Tarp 05/23/2023
2022 Spring 14626 - Bee Seminole 0 WO - Tarp 11/18/2022
2022 Spring 146987 - Jfi Okmulgee 0 WO - Tarp / Debris 02/23/2023
2022 Spring 14791 - Spa Muskogee 0 WO - Muck-out 01/26/2023
2022 Spring 14794Abo Tulsa 0 WO - Tarp 01/16/2023
2022 Spring 14798 - Lad Okmulgee 0 WO - Tarp 01/20/2023
2022 Spring 14826 - Jhu Muskogee 0 WO - Muck Out 02/13/2023
2022 Spring 14839 - Lco Ft Gibson 0 WO - Tarp & Muck Out 02/13/2023
2022 Spring 14845 - Sth Okmulgee 0 WO - Tarp & Muck Out 02/16/2023
2022 Spring 14862 - Cbr Muskogee 3 Pipe Jack needs to be replaced and needs 1 sheet of drywall to replace damaged area in Utility Room and mud, tape and paint Utility Room Ceiling. After tear-out of drywall, spray any areas with Shockwave. 4 3 02/21/2023
2022 Spring 14879 - Rcl Muskogee 3 Kitchen, Dining, hallway, bathroom and the NE Bedroom floor and subfloor is soft and all flooring to joist need to be replaced. Cut out flooring in those rooms and replace with 3/4-in plywood for subfloor and Laminate water proof flooring with trim. The Kitchen Base Cabinets and sink should be able to be removed and then replaced. 7 4 03/10/2023
2022 Spring 14883 - Rbl Muskogee 3 Remove and replace OSB in portion of roof and install roll roofing. 4 1 03/15/2023
2022 Spring 14888 - Tbr Muskogee 0 WO - Tarp 03/01/2023