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201656 - Phow

201656 - Phow
Disaster Name: 
2019 Spring
Charles Page Blvd and S 81st W Ave
74127 Tulsa , OK
United States
36° 8' 31.56" N, 96° 5' 0.2652" W
Oklahoma US
Work Description: 
Two areas of the home need drywall removed and replaced (laundry room and SW bedroom). In these areas, the drywall will need to be cut up 4 ft from the floor and then Shockwave will need to be applied to the studs and allowed to dry before new drywall is hung, taped bedded and textured. In the rest of the home the drywall needs sanded, skim coated and textured. In the SW room the subfloor needs to be replaced. Once all subfloor is prepped and drywall work completed and walls are painted, laminate flooring can be installed in all rooms of the house. Then new base boards can be installed in all rooms. Paint base boards before installing. Dumpster will be needed for items in the SW room that are ruined by the flood.
Number of volunteers needed: 
Number of Days for volunteers to complete job: 
Date project added to list: 
Monday, January 18, 2021